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Steps to Minimize Risk from the Equifax Breach

As you probably know, Equifax revealed a breach of 143 million credit reports, affecting almost half of the U.S. population. This means that hackers may have gained access to personal information like social security numbers and even credit card numbers. In order to keep your credit safe and secure, please follow these steps to ensure you are doing everything in your power to minimize your exposure from this breach.

  1. Check your potential impact on Equifax’s site. Equifax is offering a complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring service.      
  2. Check your credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and Transunion for free. Everyone is guaranteed one free credit report annually. Make sure that there isn’t any unusual activity that could indicate identity theft. 
  3. Keep an eye on your bank statements for any suspicious charges.
  4. File your taxes early. This is one of the major ways identity thieves abuse stolen social security numbers. They file fraudulent returns in your name to receive tax refunds.
  5. There is the option to place a credit freeze which makes it difficult to open a new account in your name. You could also place a fraud alert on your files which tells creditors you are a potential identity theft victim. This means that creditors must verify anyone seeking credit in your name.

Equifax Security Freeze

Equifax Fraud Alert

Experian Security Freeze

Experian Fraud Alert

Transunion Security Freeze

Transunion Fraud Alert

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at any time. 

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