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I grew up in the Midwest in a small city in Northwest Missouri, but my spirit of adventure led me to explore Colorado on vacations.

Wow! I fell in love with the beauty of the Colorado landscape and the active lifestyle of its citizens, and eventually moved here in 1995 to enjoy all Colorado has to offer.

In my free time, you’ll most likely find me hiking in the mountains, photographing the awesomeness of our gorgeous state, or exploring ghost towns and photographing the ruins of days gone by. I’m not ALWAYS attached to my camera, though. Sometimes I just like to hop on my bike and ride along one of the many urban trails in the Denver metro area.

Career-wise, the bulk of my administrative background includes several years of assisting engineering teams with their administrative needs.

Life happens, and when one door closes another door usually opens, and for me, the door that opened let me switch gears and pursue a new career in the mortgage and real estate industry!

Initially, I held a temporary position supporting processors of home loans at a local mortgage lending company, but my career path ultimately led me to Lockstep Mortgage, when Dan Green brought me on as his Executive Assistant!

I’m Dan’s support system, and the behind-the-scenes person handling the day-to-day office administration.

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