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How We Give Back

By: Dan Green, President, Lockstep Mortgage, LLC.

As soon as we opened our doors, I knew I wanted to start a corporate donation program. Sure, waiting awhile would have meant more money in our pockets, but I saw the chance to share the profits we’re lucky to receive, and I took it.

We elect to give a portion of profit off each loan, I know any gift means big things to the groups we support. Here are details about two of my favorites.

Did you know St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital provides top-rated care to their pediatric patients free of charge?


These families don’t get a bill from their children’s doctors, many of whom are scholars in their field. They don’t get a bill for their housing or for the food they eat while their children are being treated at St. Jude’s.

These families’ costs are absolutely, always $0.

In my research, I was shocked that St. Jude’s daily operating budget is $2,000,000.


It makes sense, though, given all the families they support, their top-notch doctors and researchers, and their state-of-the-art treatment, but that is still a huge number!

And 75% of the support for those costs comes from gifts like ours.

Our donation might seem small in the grand scheme of things, but missing just a little from a lot of people would affect St. Jude’s greatly.

I feel good about what we do for them, and I can’t wait to do more.


Another one of our preferred charities is the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

They have four pillars of support for American veterans:

Economic Empowerment

Their Engagement program aims to match service members up with others in similar situations, so they get support from fellow soldiers who’ve ‘been there’.

In addition, WWP’s Engagement program also helps veterans get the benefits they’re entitled to, provides care packs for their stays in hospitals and treatment centers and assists military spouses and families.

Which leads me to their Mind and Body pillar.

Their aim here is to help veterans heal from injuries sustained in the line of duty, so they can reclaim their life. WWP directs peer counseling, offers support for PTSD and other wartime wounds, and gets our veterans the help they need to recover.

If you think it’s appalling that someone who’s served our country can’t find a job or feed their family when he or she returns from active duty, you’re not alone.

Wounded Warriors’ Economic Empowerment arm gives veterans financial help and advice, and also offers a career transition program called Warriors to Work. Their goal is to give these brave men and women an advantage, so they can find work that buoys and sustains them.

And once again, I know Lockstep, and our clients, have helped them do all of this.

I have a feeling that, together with our clients, we’re going to keep doing great things for St. Jude’s, Wounded Warrior Project, and many others.

Our clients continue to make this happen, we truly appreciate you!

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